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Access Control

Access control, accreditation and agenda management systems development fitted to the event specifications.

What can we do:

  • Website for participant registrations development
  • Database management software
  • Credential reading systems development
  • Access Control Systems
  • Attendance registration
  • Anti Passback Control
  • VIP and Restricted Areas Control
  • Event Statistics
  • Consultancy
  • Technical Support

Cashless Solutions

100% offline proprietary software for contactless digital payment systems based on mobile platforms.

Our solutions allow to:

  • Create your own monetary system
  • Support two monetary systems in the same holder / bracelet, card, etc
  • Analyze consumption (per hour, point of sale, etc.)
  • Manage Gifts or Welcome Packs Delivery
  • Create Specific product offers
  • Block the sale of alcoholic beverages to under aged costumers

Comfort | Security | Versatility

Guest Lists Management

Online and offline Guest List Management software with multiple access points and immediate cross-update.

  • Accreditation
  • Speaker Panels Management
  • Activities and Rooms Management
  • Guests per table Management
  • VIP Lists Control
  • Printing of currently or pre-printed credentials with last-minute, on-the-spot printing option
  • Table management software (app mobile for organizers can at any time change tables, seats or capacity of each table)
  • App for Plasmas with plant of the enclosure, with indication of the table when reading the credential